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1KVAT Act, 2003 – Clarification U/s 94 – Rate of tax on Bakery Shortening (Inter Esterified Vegetable Oil)
2Loading, unloading, stacking and transportation charges will form part of the taxable turnover
3Used JCB excavator is taxable @ 14.5%
4Interstate works contract – liability for TDS in case of Manufacture and supply of materials by contractor.
5Blended Edible Vegetable Oil is taxable @ 5%
6Clarification U/s 94 – Compounding u/s. 8(c)(i) for financial year 2012-13 – Dealer effecting interstate purchase – eligibility of compounding
7Clarification U/s 94 – whether recording of audio cassettes on duplicating music system amounts to manufacture
8Clarification U/s 94 – Rate of tax for hydrogen, carbon monoxide, mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen (synthesis gas), steam, nitrogen, oxygen, naphtha & natural gas
9Clarification U/s 94 – Rate of tax of lamp oil
10Clarification U/s 94 – Tax liability on rent received for mounting flex boards on hoardings and amount received for undertaking wall paintings on walls taken on lease – Judgment of Hon’ble High Court of Kerala - Clarification order withdrawn
11Clarification U/s 94 – Rate of tax on Kezrin Soap
12Red Bull Energy Drink is taxable @ 14.5%
13Applicability of tax on MRP
14Applicability of reverse tax on purchase returns
15Plastic tray, plastic containers, plastic box, plastic bowl and plastic lid are taxable @ 5%
16maize poha/maize flakes are taxable @ 5%
17Clarification on interstate sale of rubber procured from agriculturists.
18Clarification on purchase of goods kept out of the GST against C-Form

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